No Faff - low profile macropad


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The No Faff macropad is an open hardware, completely custom made, Kit (requires soldering) , 8 layers, 24 keys, Kalih choc low profile, budget build, FR4 body, fully customizable, running QMK, with gold plated art on the back.


Physical dimensions: 120mm x 80mm x 11mm (4.7 x 3.15 x 0.43 inch)

Whats in the box:

Group buy and production Timeline:

This is a group buy, manufacturing will start after 150 units have been sold. The estimated ship date for the keyboard is 8 weeks after the group buy is over given no delays with production. These estimates are based on small runs that i’ve done for the prototyping stage and updates will be provided throughout the group buy through email and discord. If any delay is to be expected, it will be made known in a timely manner.

[GeekHack IC] - [Source code on Sourcehut ] - [ Download the Keymap editor ] - [Discord]
[The journey of keyboard making ~ coming soon ~]


Easy To Program:

With a custom instance of Vial GUI you can map any keycode to any switch.
Chain them together or record a macro.
Make 8 layers of different shortcuts mapping and choose per key colors for easy recognition.

CAD / EDA / Photoshop / VScode / and more:

Blender, Kicad, Inkscape, Gimp, Solidwork, fusion360, Photoshop , vscode … one button all your shortcuts

Video Games:

Create macros and shortcuts for your favorite games

Managing Livestreams (OBS) / Twitch chat:

Switch scenes, start/stop recording, Start/Stop streams, Play ads and monkaS for days. (if twitch didn’t removed them :[ ).

Launching Applications / Control Media:

launching applications, Task manager, Start/Stop media player,control Volume, etc

Cross Platform:

Compatible with Linux, Windows, Android , macOS,, Chromebooks, raspberry pi and more…
anything that supports USB HID.

Easy to assemble: